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We manufacture and distribute Frozen Food to both wholesale and retail stores.

From positive responses to our frozen ready meal products
New Star Frozen Food Co., Ltd now extend our business to

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We enhance Frozen Food business offering frozen ready chicken meal as a choice of roasted, fried, and many more on the premium menu including soup, sauce, and condiment for you to choose or be our distributor.

We search for the best ingredients from high-quality sources flavored in the modern-manufacturing process and strictly control our product quality that our product is well-known of meat tenderness and meat-skin deliciousness with variously stuffing which indicates that our premium product is the best product under supply chain “chicken Rap”.

We satisfy requirements of households, school and university students, as well as, new generations who would be pleased to experience our new secret recipe of fried chicken with deliciousness and an appropriate price. Moreover, we provide our products to be set in events including hotels, restaurants, and other places such as cafeterias by offering each menu made from our products.

Our Product and Service

Our product is made from fresh chickens certified by HACCP Standard and well marinated with a secret-recipe powder from “Chicken Rap” which is combined with savory flour for crispy fried. According to the manufacturing, we use modern machines controlled by our professional team throughout the process.

Our product highlight is clean, fresh, and delicious. However, our product is well-known of meat tenderness and meat-skin deliciousness with the same nationwide product quality and also is extensively stored without losing nutrients.

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Highlight Menu

Our highlight menus are tasty chicken pop and nuggets, which is now the most popular dish and also fried and roasted chickens with imported Grade-A french-fried served to our customers. So that Chicken Rap is presently expanding 50 branches of a franchise business nationwide. If you are interested in investing with us, please check it out on www.chick-rap.com

In addition, Chicken Rap productsเครื่องหมายรับรองare certified by HALAL Standard so Halal consumers trust in our food and products

Recommended menu

Recommend Chicken Rap menu and products

Frozen food distribution

We offer and distribute several types of frozen food including soup, sauce, and condiment for customers who are interested in our products are able to purchase at our retail stores or directly order with our company. In addition, our best products are perfectly placed at restaurants, which need to offer high-quality and unusual menus for their customers. If you are interested in our menus, just ask for more information at the shop nationwide.

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