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From positive responses to our
frozen ready meal products,

we now extend our business to
franchise restaurant
‘Chicken Rap’,

which has received many welcoming feedbacks from the market. We provide necessary training and product introduction as well as marketing training on restuarant managing programme. Our franchise value is guaranteed by franchise quality standard qualification from DBD.

45 Year Experience

New Star Frozen Food (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
is a manufacturing and distributor who manufactures frozen food. Our professional manager has over 45-year experience to offer frozen food franchise business including Chicken Rap fried chickens together with various menus made from the well-chosen ingredients and herbs. We strive to target a group of new generations who admires to consume chickens in popular menus like Chicken Pop or Cheese Balls and others.

Chicken Fried Business


Our marketing department is aware of serving frozen food like “Chicken” that it should be successfully developed and well-recognized to our customers. As we can see from many grilled and fried chicken shops in Thailand together with old and new branches expanding in the department stores as well.

However, there is a new product made from chicken meat or chicken parts, which is a popular menu for the customers. The professional manager is willing to foresee the target that is interested in fried and grilled chickens; in addition, has a gap and creates menu difference for the target to present outstanding styles in food so as to generate the business into the people’s trend.

Chicken Rap Cafe' / Chicken Rap Kiosk

Chicken Rap Cafe'
Chicken Rap Café’ is a restaurant business in an area of 25 square meters and more with 3-8 employees giving service in the restaurants. The restaurants focus on offering fried chickens and other menu sets like rice-set and noodle-set menus. The restaurant area is appropriate to be placed in the department stores or the big gas station where many people always are around.

Chicken Rap Kiosk
Chicken Rap Kiosk is a restaurant business in an area of 6-8 square meters and more with 2 employees giving service in the shops. The shops strive to serve fried chickens sprinkled on top.

Chicken Rap Cafe InvestmentChicken Rap Kiosk Investment
  • Chicken Rap Café’ Investment is one of ways to invest in term of a 25-quare-meter restaurant and more that requires a franchise investor who has franchise-business experience or at least 2 years or is successfully trained with Chicken Rap.
  • 5-year business contract
  • Start up at 1,500,000 Baht
  • Menus are offered including Fried Chickens/ Menu sets/ rice-set menus/ noodle-set menus with beverages.
  • Chicken Rap Kiosk Investment is one of ways to invest in term of a 6-8-quare-meter shop and more that requires a franchise investor who is successfully trained with Chicken Rap.
  • 3-year business contract
  • Start up at 400,000 Baht
  • Menus are offered including Fusion Fried Chickens.

We are looking for the best qualification of each employee in order to be a successful business There are a lot of major factors to achieve a business goal like a location of each shops and restaurants. First of all, we survey for the best location. After we know where we can place the restaurants, we will make a contract. Then, we train how to deal with marketing, sales, and kitchen departments and also how to use sales and stock programs. Finally, we train how to sell at the shops and restaurants. Nevertheless, we are pleased to give advice during the lifetime contracts.

Chicken Rap Shop
is decorated in sweet and cute chicken cartoons, which are a shop symbol.
The shops and restaurants are in a red with natural wood tone color. There are free Wi-Fi and many corners within the shops and restaurants provided for customers. More than this A green uniform is worn by our employees who gladly serve food and beverage for all customers.

We have good experience and a strong reputation in our business from

  • We give advice for investors.
  • We are glad to assist our investors to look for the best location.
  • We manually train the investors how to deal with the business until open the shop.
  • We train and practice in both a training center and a real situation.
  • We check all sales and stock systems with a report.
  • We are willing to help to handle with the overview marketing.
  • We always service and give advice for all investors during the lifetime contracts.
We have the standard of offering the best ingredients, which is distinctly unique from other brands. We are welcome to satisfy our customers in order that we can drive our business successfully and sustainably.
Our website greatly presents the organization standard and Chicken Rap brand which is certified the franchise standard by Ministry of Commerce.

Investor qualification

  • Be prepared and have time to run the business
  • Have investment and revolving budgets
  • Be interested in launching a Chicken Rap shop
  • Have an appropriate location
  • Have pleasant personality with ability to provide excellent service
  • Be a strong decision-maker in one’s own business
  • Ability to work hard and be a good manager in personnel management
  • Able to take a risk from the business


  • Getting a licence from “Chicken Rap” brand
  • Business manual
  • Training with “Chicken Rap”
  • Practicing in both a training center and a real situation.
  • Using sales and stock programs
  • Planning marketing and sales functions
  • Using Chicken Rap brand’s products
  • Servicing and give advice for all investors during the lifetime contract.
  • Buying special Chicken Rap products’ prices


Profit = Sales – 50% of Expenses (Not included labor salary and rent fee) *Depends on the location with 2-3 years of a payback period*

Chicken Rap Café’ is actually located at urban, schools, universities, villages, and department stores. Therefore, all investors should be aware of spending time on doing a survey and being earnestly interested in the business; moreover, according to the business standard, the investors should be willing to cooperate with us so as to develop and improve sales during the business.

Picture gallery of chicken rap franchise seminar

Franchise Standard

Our experience in this business combines with strong commitment and integrity, In 2015 Chicken RAP franchise was honoured ‘ Thai Franchise Award’ “มาตรฐานคุณภาพแฟรนไชส์ไทย”. Which guarantee that products quality and business operation are widely accepted by franchisees.

How to work with us


More information please call 0-2894-8851-4


Fill in and sign up via Chicken Rap website


Having considered from us, you will be contacted.


Making a contract with payment and training


All partners must follow our rules and standards during the lifetime contract including selling only Chicken Rap’s products, packages, and logo


We are glad to give advice about issues and sales functions during the lifetime contract.

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